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A beautiful and functional kitchen is a real challenge for both a professional interior designer and household. The kitchen is a place where we spend time every day, so you should arrange it with an idea. Scandinavian style has adopted in the kitchens some time ago, but does not intend to leave them. The ubiquitous white, broken with countertops and accessories made of light wood refers to simplicity and tradition.

Kitchen wallpapers
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Kitchen wallpapers

How to arrange a small kitchen?

This question is a nightmare for many of us. After all, everyone wants his kitchen to be not only aesthetic and neat, but also fully functional. For small kitchens, not all solutions will be available. In such rooms, it is worth investing in compact solutions, such as combining a microwave with an oven or a refrigerator housing. With small kitchens it is also worth using part of the countertop for a small dining table, instead of investing in a sliding bar.

What decorations will work in a small kitchen?

What decorations to choose depends on the style of the interior. For Scandinavian-style kitchens, glass boards or kitchen panels with a grain, half and meadow motif, as well as spices, will work great. Colorful accessories bring energy to the interior and break the sterility introduced by ubiquitous white. It's also worth choosing kitchen accessories made of bamboo or wood, not plastic. If you do not want to invest in tempered glass, think about self-adhesive wall mural. This simple solution will allow you to change the character of the interior, with relatively little work. Removable wallpaper can be successfully used in the kitchen, provided there is no direct contact with water and high temperature. Easy and quick installation will change your interior in less than 60 minutes.

What  self-adhesive wallpaper designs should you choose?

Due to the unlimited possibilities of designs and colors, removable wallpapers will fit into any interior. If Scandinavian style dominates in your kitchen, it is worth choosing a pattern that breaks this atmosphere and gives the interior a unique character. Intense colors such as red, green and purple, as well as beautiful, spreading flower buds will work in this role. Are you afraid of color experiments? Choose something softer, like pastels. If your interior is maintained in a loft style with a predominance of black and gray, choose patterned wallpaper (in dots, stripes or checkerboard), in contrasting colors of black with white. Your kitchen will gain a completely new look, and the interior will become more pleasant and less raw. Of course, you can also introduce to the kitchen a color that breaks the heavy gray, purple or burgundy will be great in this role. If it's time for a change again, all you have to do is peel off the gently adhesive wallpaper from the wall and refresh the color. When carefully removing the wallpaper, it is not possible to damage the paint. Once glued wallpaper, you can freely stick and peel off in another place. When arranging the kitchen, do not forget that this is where the heart of the whole house beats.