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Privacy Policy


Thank you for your interest in our online store. The protection of your privacy is very important to us. In this privacy policy you will find detailed information regarding the handling of your data. Your data are administered by: Drukarnia Piga Sp. z.o.o., 43-100 Tychy, ul. Przemysłowa 68, contact@coloraydecor.com

1. Access data and hosting

You can enter our websites without entering your personal details. For every website call, the server automatically saves only the so-called server logs, such as the name of the requested file, your IP address, the date and time of the calling up, the amount of data transferred, the internet service provider submitting the query (access data) and document calling up the page.

These data are analyzed only in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website and to improve our offer. The above procedures are used - as part of the assessment of interests - to secure our legitimate interest, consisting in the proper presentation of our offer. All access data are removed within seven days from the end of your visit to the site.


2. Collection and processing of data for the performance of the contract

We collect personal data when you provide them to us voluntarily by placing your order or contacting us (e.g. using the contact form or by email). Mandatory sections are marked as such because they relate to data necessary for us to perform the contract or deal with the matter with which you contact us. You will not be able to complete the order or contact us without filling in those sections. Which data are collected results from the forms into which data are entered. We use the data provided by you to perform the contract and respond to your inquiries. Once the contract is completed, the processing of your data will be limited, and after the expiry of the retention periods required under tax regulations and the Accounting Act, your data will be deleted unless you agree to their further use or we reserve the right to their further use in cases permitted by law, of which we inform you in this privacy policy.


3. Data transmission

In order to perform the contract, we transmit your data to the courier company involved in the delivery (if it is necessary for the delivery of ordered goods). Depending on which payment service provider you choose in the ordering process, we pass on the payment data collected for this purpose to the credit institution handling the payment and possibly to the payment service provider chosen by us or by you, in order to process the payment. Some payment service providers collect data themselves if you set up an account with them. In such cases, please log on to your payment service provider with your access data as part of your order. In this case, the privacy policy of the payment service provider also applies.

Some payment service providers cooperating with us and couriers are based in a country that is not a member of the European Union. Personal data are only provided to these companies to perform the contract.

Forwarding data to a courier company

If you give us your express permission during or after placing your order, we will pass your email address and telephone number to the courier company so that they may contact you before the order is delivered to notify you or to agree on the delivery terms.

The above consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending us an appropriate message to our contact address indicated in the section "Our contact details and your rights" or by sending a message directly to the courier company to the contact address indicated below. After withdrawing your consent, we will delete your data provided for this purpose unless you expressly consent to further use of your data for other purposes or we reserve the right to continue using the data in cases permitted by law, which we will inform you about in this statement.

FedEx Express International B.V. Attn: Legal Department

Taurusavenue 111

2132 LS Hoofddorp



4. E-Mail-Newsletter

Advertisement sent by email after subscribing to the newsletter

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will use the data necessary for this purpose or provided to us by you separately in order to regularly send you our newsletter by email based on your consent.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by sending us a message with relevant information or using the appropriate link in the newsletter. When you decide to unsubscribe, we will delete your email address unless you expressly agree to the further use of your data for other purposes or unless we reserve the right to continue using the data in legally permitted cases, of which we inform you herein.

The newsletter is sent as part of the entrustment of data processing on our behalf to the service provider to whom we provide your email address for this purpose.

The service provider is based in a country belonging to the European Union or the European Economic Area.


5. Integration with Trusted Shops Trustbadge

In order to showcase our Trusted Shops Quality trustmark, as well as the collected customer reviews and the Trusted Shops product offer available to buyers after placing an order – Trusted Shops Trustbadge is integrated into our website.

This protects our legitimate interest, consisting in the optimal presentation of our offer on the market. Trustbadge and the services advertised in this way are the offer of Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15C, 50823 Cologne, Germany.

If you use the Trustbadge server, it automatically remembers the so-called server logs containing e.g. Your IP address, date and time of the call, the amount of data transferred and the internet service provider submitting the request (access data) and documents the Trustbadge call. The above mentioned access data are not subject to analysis and are automatically overwritten within seven days from the end of your visit to the website.

Other personal information is only transferred to Trusted Shops if you decide to use Trusted Shops after placing an order in the store or have already registered in order to use them. In such cases, the agreement concluded between you and Trusted Shops applies.


6. Cookies and web analytics

To make our website more attractive and enable the use of certain functions to display relevant products or for market research purposes, we use the so-called cookies. This is intended to protect our legitimate interest – as part of the analysis and assessment of interests – consisting in the optimal presentation of our offer. Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved on your device. Some of the cookies we use are deleted after the end of the web browser session, i.e. after closing it (so-called session cookies). Other cookies are stored on your device and enable us to recognize your browser the next time you access the site (permanent cookies). The storage time is given in the cookie settings of your web browser. The browser can be configured in such a way as to receive information about the use of cookies and be able to decide whether to accept or reject them in certain cases or completely. Browsers manage cookie settings in various ways. In the auxiliary menu of the web browser you will find explanations about changing cookie settings. They are available at the following links:


Internet Explorer™: https://support.microsoft.com/pl-pl/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies

Safari™: http://safari.helpmax.net/pl/ochrona-i-prywatnosc/usuwanie-plikow-cookie/

Chrome™: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=pl&hlrm=en

Firefox™: https://support.mozilla.org/pl/kb/usuwanie-ciasteczek

Opera™: http://help.opera.com/Windows/12.10/pl/cookies.html

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, the functionality of our website may be limited.

Cookies Policy


Use of Google (Universal) Analytics for web analytics

Our website uses Google (Universal) Analytics, a web analysis tool by Google Inc. (www.google.com). This is intended to protect our legitimate interest – as part of the analysis and assessment of interests – consisting in the optimal presentation of our offer. Google (Universal) Analytics uses methods that allow you to analyze how you use the website - for example, cookies. Automatically collected information about your use of this website is usually transferred to a Google server in the United States and stored there. Due to the IP anonymisation activated on this website, your IP address is shortened before forwarding it within the Member States of the European Union or in other states that are party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. In exceptional cases only, your full IP address is forwarded to a Google server in the United States and shortened there. The anonymized IP address provided by your browser as part of Google Analytics is not combined with other Google data.

Google LLC is headquartered in the USA and is EU-US Privacy Shield certified. The current certificate is available at this link. Under the agreement between the US and the European Commission, the latter has determined an adequate level of data protection for companies certified by the Privacy Shield.

You can prevent the collection of data collected by cookies regarding your use of our website (including your IP address) by Google, as well as the processing of this data by Google, if you download and install the browser plug-in located at this link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

Alternatively – instead of installing the browser plug-in, you can also click on this link to disable data collection by Google Analytics on our website. Then, the opt-out cookie file will be saved on your device. If you delete cookies, you must click the above link again.


7. Reminders about the possibility of leaving a review

Reminder on the possibility of posting reviews sent by Trusted Shops

If you have expressly consented to this during or after placing your order, we will forward your email address to Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15c, 50823 Cologne, Germany (www.trustedshops.pl), so that you can receive an online reminder about the possibility of expressing an opinion on the purchase made in our store.

You can revoke your consent at any time by sending an appropriate message to our contact address indicated in the section "Our contact details and your rights" or directly in the form of a declaration submitted to Trusted Shops.


8. Our contact details and your rights

You have the right to free information regarding your personal data that is stored with us, as well as the right to rectify them, limit their processing, delete or transfer them.

If you have any questions regarding the collection, processing and use of your personal data as well as rectification, blocking or deleting data or if you want to cancel your consents or object to the use of certain data, please contact the data administrator: Drukarnia piga Sp. z o.o., 43-100 Tychy, ul. Przemysłowa 68, 43-100 Tychy, contact@coloraydecor.com

In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.


9. Right to object

If we process personal data – as part of the analysis and assessment of interests – in the manner described in this privacy policy in order to secure our legitimate interests, you may object to such data processing for this purpose – with effect for the future. If the processing is conducted for direct marketing purposes, you can exercise the right to object at any time. If processing is conducted for other purposes, you have the right to object only for reasons attributable to your particular situation.

After you exercise your right to object, we will stop processing your personal information unless we prove that there are valid legitimate grounds for such processing and such grounds will take precedence over your interests and rights, or unless the processing is intended to pursue, enforce or defend claims.

This does not apply when data processing is used for the purposes of direct marketing. In such case, we will not continue processing your personal data for the above purpose. 

10. Product Reviews

I) The review you post in our store must pertain to the product you purchased. You can describe its flaws, advantages, functionality, and your experiences with using the product.
II) Your comments should only relate to the topic of the product being reviewed.
III) You can write one review per product. Subsequent reviews for the same product will not be published.
IV) Before posting a review, please ensure its content complies with the law, good manners, and does not infringe on the rights or personal goods of others.
V) Reviews, comments, and discussion entries must not:
a. grossly violate the principles of language correctness rules
b. contain vulgarisms;
c. incite violence or hatred;
d. promote racism;
e. insult anyone;
f. express views contrary to generally accepted social norms;
g. provide information indicating a crime, unfair competition, copyright or industrial rights infringement;
h. promote products and services of our competition;
i. contain links to other websites;
j. include detailed personal data: neither yours nor that of the advisor you contacted.
VI) You are responsible for the content of your reviews.
VII) We check all reviews that are added. You should add a review if you own the product or have come into contact with it (e.g., someone close to you owns it).
VIII) If a moderator notices that your review violates these regulations, it will not be published and will be removed or edited. This action will particularly occur if the review raises our doubts. We will inform you by email within 7 days of detecting any irregularities.
If you disagree with our decision, please respond to our message within 7 days of its delivery. This period is final; after its expiry, you will not be able to file a complaint, and your review will be deleted or not published. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receiving it. We may consider your complaint and restore the review to the site or remove it from the system.
IX) By posting a review, you grant us an unlimited-time license to use, distribute, publish, copy, modify, and distribute it throughout the European Union for free. Therefore, we may:
a) distribute your review (or part of it) so that it can be publicly accessed by anyone at a chosen place and time;
b) fix and multiply your review (or part of it), i.e., produce additional copies of your review (or part of it) using any technique;
c) grant sublicenses to third parties to use your review or part of it;
d) use your review (or part of it) to promote and advertise our store.
X) Reviews are displayed in the store from the newest to the oldest.
XI) Any user or person using the COLORAYDECOR.COM service can report content that is illegal or violates the Regulations by sending an email to the contact point at contact@coloraydecor.com. The reporting person should, if possible, provide information that will allow COLORAYDECOR.COM to verify the report of violation, clarify the reasons why the reporting person considers the content to be illegal or contrary to the Regulations. Communication can be conducted in Polish or English.
XII) COLORAYDECOR.COM may make decisions to block or suspend content or Accounts based on internal policies and moderation procedures. The moderation policies and procedures adopted by COLORAYDECOR.COM describe ways and means of identifying content or actions of Users that are examined for violations of the Regulations or applicable laws. The main goal of the developed policies and procedures for moderation is to ensure the safety of Users and persons using the COLORAYDECOR.COM Service and to combat all abuses.
XIII) Decisions related to the content or actions of Users are subject to evaluation conducted by COLORAYDECOR.COM moderators, which are in line with the content moderation principles defined in Article 14 DSA in terms of comments and opinions published in our service. All user-published content will be moderated according to applicable laws and our regulations.
XIV) The User will be informed in case of a block or suspension of the content or Account, no later than when the block or suspension becomes effective, in the form of an email message, indicating the blocked or suspended content or Account and the reasons for the decision based on the content of the Regulations.
XV) The User who disagrees with the decision regarding the blocking or suspension of the Advertisement or Account has the right to file a complaint by sending an email to the contact point.