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Wallpapers for a small living room - how to optically enlarge a small space

If you have wondered how to optically enlarge a small living room, there are several solutions. First of all - the colors. Well selected colors will not only allow for a fashionable look of the interior, but also optically enlarge it. In micro spaces, bright, illuminating colors such as white, beige and pastel will work. 

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Decorative stair stickers - change the interior in just a few minutes

Why is it worthwhile having a house, to take an interest in this graceful topic, which is stair riser stickers?  A staircase is a place where you spend a huge amount of time every day, even without knowing it! Every time you go out, enter the house, go from one room to another, it is often also a walk up the stairs.  Not everyone can afford to decorate the stairs with forged metal, so it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the staircase stickers. 

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Rustic and Provencal-inspired wallpapers - where will they fit best?

Rustic and Provencal wallpapers are a percect match for loft-style interiors. Raw wood, concrete arrangements and earthy colors go well with accessories in black and gold. The loft style, known from New York's tenement houses, has been present in our interiors for good and looks like it will stay for longer.

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Wall mural - what material to choose?

What kind of wallpaper material will work best in the kitchen, and what in the living room? Is it worth investing in traditional wallpaper, or maybe we should choose a modern one? These questions often occur to us just before buying a wall mural. We will try to introduce you to the materials of our wall murals, so you will find your favourite wallpaper without any problems!

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