Canvas and glass Prints for the living room

There are many aspects to consider when decorating your living room. The visual aspect is as important as the functionality of individual elements and matching the arrangement with the rest of the house. However, this is where you usually spend most of your time, so you especially care about the decor and carefully select individual elements. What to pick for the living room wall?

Canvas and glass Prints for the living room
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Canvas and glass Prints for the living room

Stylish paintings for the living room

In the living room, we often have a sizable wall space to create the perfect backdrop for a large decoration or a gallery of smaller pieces. Stylish paintings for the living room can be chosen from various angles. Sometimes they are chosen according to the color key, other times the determinant is the theme or style in which they were made from. Not many people can afford paintings on a wall made by the greatest masters. Reproductions come with help, of course. Thanks to them you can have in your living room "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh or one of the woodcuts by Hokusai Katsushika. To make the effect as close to the original as possible, we make high quality prints, which allow for perfect color reproduction and show even the smallest details. You get such a perfect reproduction when you choose the paintings printed on canvas and in the case of those printed on glass. What is more, the images maintain their quality for a very long time. They do not fade, and after years they still look the same.

Modern style in the living room

Your living room decoration and style will depend on the choice of accessories that will be placed in it. It is common to opt for a modern style, which is dominated by materials such as metal, stone, raw wood and concrete. Wall decoration in the living room with such elements is not difficult. You can reach for something minimalist, sparing in means or, on the contrary, very expressive and contrasting. Modern paintings for a living room can successfully be a dominant color accent in an interior where grays and blacks prevail.

Which dynamic paintings for living room we have chosen? Abstraction, pop art, street art - these are some of our proposals for those who look for wall decorations that cannot be ignored. Reproductions of works created by Banksy or Warhol are often used in living rooms decorated by young people, students, and all fans of the works of these artists. Canvas and glass paintings make an incredible impression - especially when you order the maximum format. Paintings on canvas are a quick and easy way to decorate the walls in the living room, so when choosing the right motif for the bedroom, choose the one that will enliven the interior and give it a unique character.

Glass or canvas paintings - which one to choose?

It is obvious that the wall decoration in the living room should match the furniture and the rest of the interior design. There are styles of arrangements to which both canvas and glass fit. However, in many situations it is better to choose one of these materials. Paintings for living rooms printed on canvas are usually chosen for interiors in classical style, English, and elegant, filled with antiques. This type of decoration is a gently modernized version of a classic painting. In our edition it is a printed reproduction without the traditional border. The canvas is stretched over an invisible frame and the print reaches all the way to the edges, which further enhances the final effect.

On the other hand, glass paintings more often find their way in modern living rooms. They also fit into a Scandinavian or eclectic style, where various decorations harmonize with each other. Please note that a glass painting is very flat and close to the wall. Thanks to this, it blends in with the surroundings and almost becomes the one with the surface, on which it hangs. A picture made of glass looks great not only on an ordinary wall, but also on the one made of concrete.