Fish wallpapers

Fish symbolizes fertility, feelings, creativity, rebirth, good luck, transformation, health, abundance, peace, intelligence, happiness, strength and endurance. By connecting us with the element of water, it represents a deeper awareness of the unconscious or the higher self. Fish as food and symbol occupies an important place in the history of religion and in the worship of gods and the dead.

Fish wallpapers
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Fish wallpapers

The symbolism of fish

The symbolic nature of fish is as inseparable as water, which is the environment in which they live. In psychology, water symbolizes the depths of the unconscious, and fish are "living material from the depths of personality, referring to fertility and life-giving powers of the mother domains in us." Fish can also be a symbol of the faithful and followers immersed in the waters of life. However, fish are also cold-blooded, are not driven by passion and often represent such emotionless entities. Their character can be considered twofold: by virtue of its shape, it becomes an element of wilderness and infinity - a connection between heaven and earth, and thanks to the multitude of eggs it represents fertility.

Wall murals with fish - change the interior quickly and easily

It can also be seen as wisdom, faith, freedom, wholeness and purity. That is why the symbol of fish, sea and depth has been accompanying art since the dawn of time and that is why we have reached for this motif in our line of animal wallpapers. In our offer you can find both funny - comic wallpapers that will work in the arrangement of children's rooms, as well as beautiful works of art inspired by the culture of Japan, in which the koi carp are the main motive. These will work in the arrangement of feminine, elegant spaces or in bath rooms. In contrast, minimalist stamp designs are great for modern apartments, even in the Scandinavian style.