Zebras wallpapers

From stripes to social behavior - zebras are unique on each side. Zebra is a majestic wild animal that has a deep meaning in shamanism, African tribal traditions, psychological sciences and many other ancient religions. Zebra symbolically represents community, freedom, balance and individualism.

Zebras wallpapers
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Zebras wallpapers

Wallpaper with zebra motif

The zebra striped pattern is unique to each animal. Like fingerprints for people. It is said that every zebra in a herd can be distinguished by others just by patterning its stripes. So if a zebra could change stripes, I suppose no one in the herd will recognize her. It would be a big trouble for a zebra. Why? Because being recognized in a clan is crucial. Zebras have a very intimate and compact social structure. They prefer to be in groups that mostly consist of women with a lonely man overseeing the "harem". This closely related social structure is symbolic. This means relying on the community. Symbolizes seeking shelter in social networks. Zebra teaches us about the importance of community, but maintaining its individuality. Therefore, when designing our wallpapers with a zebra motif, we tried to make each one combine different features while maintaining its unique character.

Zebra stripes wallpaper - feel the breeze of nature in your apartment

Therefore, among our wallpapers you can find beautiful wallpapers combining zebra motif and the surrounding nature - savannah among other animals and plants familiar to her. Such wallpapers will be perfect for flats that want to stand out, because they will introduce a climate full of joy and will symbolically symbolize their own structure - a family that also consists of individual beings merging into one well-functioning organism. The minimalist zebra stripes, on the other hand, are great for individualists who want to highlight their uniqueness and uniqueness.