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Wallpaper Journey to Italy

Peel and stick wallpaper JOURNEY TO ITALY - beautiful Calabria on your wall.
Magic Stick
Magic Stick Non-Woven
Order samples
118.1” x 98.4” (300 cm x 250 cm)
118.1” x 98.4” (300 cm x 250 cm) 59” x 49.2” (150 cm x 125 cm) 8x8 inch - SAMPLES
Order samples
118.1” x 98.4” (300 cm x 250 cm)
118.1” x 98.4” (300 cm x 250 cm) 59” x 49.2” (150 cm x 125 cm) 8x8 inch - SAMPLES
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Peel and stick wallpaper JOURNEY TO ITALY - beautiful Calabria on your wall. Calabria in the south of Italy is one of the most beautiful regions of this country. Beautiful clean beaches, amazing monuments and breath taking views of the bay. If you dream about visiting it, but it is impossible at the moment, then pay attention to our self-adhesive wallpaper. JOURNEY TO ITALY. It will bring you these amazing Italian views and surround your interior with an unique warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The removable wallpaper JOURNEY TO ITALY will perfectly enliven any room and introduce a cozy aura to it. This theme will help you create the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. This is an offer for anyone who likes elegant interior design elements. Works on the walls in the bedroom, living room and office. It will perfectly match the furniture in dark tones and stylish accessories. Our self-adhesive wallpaper JOURNEY TO ITALY will highlight a modern, classic and stylish interior


MagicStick - an innovative, self-adhesive material, which allows to applied and peeled wallpapers multiple times. The MagicStick material is stain and tear resistant and sticks to any flat surface. You can easily apply it yourself without getting any annoying air bubbles. It can also be easily removed without damaging the surface underneath. Material do not require use of wallpaper paste or glue for hanging. It's resistant to humidity, so it can be placed in kitchens or bathrooms. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using detergents, however it cannot be watered directly. Before buying, make sure that your wall is not painted with latex or acrylic paint and does not contain any texture.

Tradicional Non-woven - this material covers the slight imperfections of the wall perfectly! If you are not interested in self-adhesive material and have slightly bumpy walls or latex paint, this would be a good choice. It has to be stuck on the wall with the wallpaper glue. The glue can be found in the nearest DIY store. Material is made of 100% paper and cannot be exposed to a humidity. You can clean it with dry cloth.The non-woven undercoat makes the material resistant to deformation and stretching.

Care instructions

MagicStick: The wall should be dry, smooth, clean and free of dust- even a minimal texture can cause the wall mural to fall. We do not recommend installing wallpaper on a freshly painted wall. After painting, wait at least 3 weeks before sticking the wallpaper. Note! Condition of the paint on the wall should be good enough to avoid the risk of the sticker peeling off together with the paint. The material won't adhere to textured or painted with latex/acrylic paint wall. Please make sure your wall is prepared correctly as the stickers may rip on old or badly prepared coatings during re-application. Material can be used on any flat surface without creating annoying air bubbles - if this happens, they can be easily removed with a rubber squeegee. Peel and stick material can be hanged and reaplied multiple times therefore keep the transport foil on which the wall mural was attached.The material does not contain paper so it can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using detergents-however, it can not be exposed to direct watering.

Traditional Non-woven: The wall should be dry and clean. The wallpaper must be glued to the wall with wallpaper glue, which can be found in any DIY store. Wallpaper cannot be removed without damaging the surface. The material is made of 100% paper, which means that it cannot be exposed to moisture. The material can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Safety standards

We use a state of the art GreenGuard-certified HP LATEX 310 printer to not only ensure the highest quality, but also guarantee that the product you purchase is environmentally friendly and complies with the most stringent safety standards.


Our wall mural will be delivered in equally-sized parts. We pack our products in safe, cardboard tubes, so you don't have to worry about their damage during shipment. We include a wallpaper step-by-step installation guide to each tube.


Do you like the pattern that you love but aren’t sure if it will work in your space? Wish to see the material in real? You can order the samples. Our samples are designated to check the material in real and test it on your wall, not to compare colors! The colors may slightly vary depending on a different print batch.