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Ikea Kallax Decals Cacti Cobweb

CACTI COBWEB removable decal Combine the scandinavian style of kallax furniture with the tropical green cacti pattern.
Magic Stick
Magic Stick BubbleFree Technology
4 stickers
4 stickers 8 stickers 16 stickers
4 stickers
4 stickers 8 stickers 16 stickers
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CACTI COBWEB removable decal Combine the scandinavian style of kallax furniture with the tropical green cacti pattern. The CACTI COBWEB removable sticker pictures green, spineless cacti on a white background. The greenish cacti snake on the kallax shelf and create a thicket of tropical plants. The cacti will not overwhelm the interior, but it will surely catch the attention.The pattern of green succulents gives calming and relaxing effects. Change the look of your kallax furniture with the CACTI COBWEB removable decal. The CACTI COBWEB ikea sticker is a noticeable touch of nature on your kallax furniture. The cacti pattern, that is currently very in, will play the role of a unique element on your shelves. The cacti motifs will match an interior of any style. Use some imagination and combine the CACTI COBWEB removable decal with home accessories of your choice. This ikea sticker is an interesting and original idea for making a huge change without doing much.

Our store has two types of materials on which we print our IKEA furniture stickers:

MagicStick - a modern, self-adhesive material that allows repeated application and removal - if necessary, you can remove or change its location without damaging the surface underneath. The material is resistant to dirt and damage. It can be used on any flat surface without creating annoying air bubbles - if this happens, they can be easily removed with a rubber squeegee. MagicStick is an easy-to-install material - no paste or glue is required for its application. It is resistant to moisture, so it can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom. The material does not contain paper, so it can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using of detergents - however, it can not be exposed to direct watering.

BubbleFree technology - an innovative material that eliminates the formation of annoying air bubbles during assembly. The material allows for easy and quick application on any smooth surface. It can be removed from any surface without damaging it, but you cannot reuse it elsewhere.


The kit includes all stickers shown in the pattern. Each sticker has a size of 33 x 33 cm. Available number of stickers: 4, 8, 16 pieces.

Our stickers are made of a special material that prevents the formation of air bubbles during assembly. This makes the application of the sticker itself extremely easy and fast. Make sure the surface is dry and clean before assembly. Sticker may be divided to smaller parts, you will need to install the parts to form big scene. Easy step by step detailed instructions will be included to your order.

Safety Standards

We use a state of the art GreenGuard-certified HP LATEX 310 printer to not only ensure the highest quality, but also guarantee that the product you purchase is environmentally friendly and complies with the most stringent safety standards.


We pack our stickers in safe, cardboard tubes, so you don't have to worry that our product will be delivered damaged. We attach assembly instructions to each set of stickers.


If you like some patterns in our offer, but you are not sure if they will fit your interior, we offer you the opportunity to order samples here: Samples. Note! Our samples are designated to check the material in real and test it on your wall, not to compare colors! The colors may slightly vary depending on a different print batch.