Wall mural - what material to choose?
Aug, 27 2020   |   Decor tips

Wall mural - what material to choose?

What kind of wallpaper material will work best in the kitchen, and what in the living room? Is it worth investing in traditional wallpaper, or maybe we should choose a modern one? These questions often occur to us just before buying a wall mural. We will try to introduce you to the materials of our wall murals, so you will find your favourite wallpaper without any problems!

MagicStick - material of the future

Our wall murals on satin MagicStick material are resistant to mechanical damage and water, have vivid colours that will retain their gloss for many years, as well as are easy and quick to install. The material can be freely peeled off and stuck in another place. The peel&stick wall mural will be a perfect room decoration for every home! There are almost no restrictions regarding the use of wallpaper on this material. What are the disadvantages of this product? The MagicStick material doesn't like the texture of the wall (the base to which the wall mural is applied should be smooth and covered with paint that doesn't contain acrylic or latex). Why? The adhesive that strongly binds the wallpaper to the wall won't stick well to a rough texture, and latex paints can cause the wallpaper to peel off on itself.

Magic Stick Wallpaper

Vinyl non-woven wallpapers - the most demanding ones

A vinyl wall mural is one of the most demanding wallpapers that not only require matching to a specific room (more on this later in the text), but also an appropriate adhesive for installation (e.g. Metylan Direct). Vinyl on a non-woven material is resistant to deformation and stretching, so it's perfect for a child's room or bathroom - the advantage of vinyl is also resistance to water. A vinyl wall mural is extremely realistic and vivid, thanks to the highest quality overprint the colours don't fade and wear out. Thanks to its thickness, a vinyl wallpaper will effectively mask wall imperfections, such as cracks, scratches and unevenness. It's an ideal solution for those who live in apartment blocks, as walls often need to be levelled with plaster. If you don't want to spend time levelling the walls, our wall mural will do it for you! And at the same time, it will look beautiful for at least 10 years. Vinyl wallpapers allow water vapour to penetrate them, so the wall can "breathe" freely all the time.

Technical specifications of vinyl wallpaper:
Grammage: 350 g/m2
Structure: satin
Finish: semi-matte
Adhesive: Metylan Direct for vinyl/thick paper wall murals
Max. width of the strip: 125 cm (in the case of a size larger than the width of the strip, the printout will consist of several equal sheets)

Latex wall murals - express it!

A latex wallpaper is one of the most frequently chosen products because of its vivid, juicy colours! This material requires the use of adhesive as well (e.g. Metylan Special Instant), but its intense colours and the effect they create in the interior are worth it. Latex wall mural is a mixture of paper and latex, which allowed for the creation of an optimal material, resistant to mechanical damage (except for moisture, so we don't recommend installing this wallpaper on the wall in the kitchen or bathroom), deformation, dust and dirt. Latex wall murals can be used not only in apartments, but also in hotels, restaurants, public buildings, such as schools and kindergartens.

Latex wall murals

Technical specifications of latex wallpaper:
Grammage: 220 g/m2
Structure: satin
Finish: satin, subtle gloss
Adhesive: Metylan Special Instant
Max. width of the strip: 122 cm (in the case of a size greater than the width of the strip, the print will consist of several equal sheets)

Laminated wall mural - the most resistant wallpaper on the market

Laminate-covered wallpapers are extremely resistant to moisture, dirt, dust, high temperature and grease. They will be perfect as a kitchen decoration, even in extreme conditions - placed behind the hob or above the sink. If you are not a fan of tiles, you can successfully use this wallpaper model in your kitchen or bathroom. The installation of laminated wallpaper is quick and doesn't require the use of adhesive. Also, a laminated wallpaper has no restrictions due to the type of base paint and structure. Taking care of the highest quality and safety, we guarantee that our wallpapers are completely harmless to health and the environment, and that the vivid colours will please the eye for years of everyday use.

Technical specifications of laminated wallpaper:
Structure: satin
Finish: matte
Adhesive: Not required
Max. width of the strip: 122 cm (in the case of a size greater than the width of the strip, the print will consist of several equal sheets)

Resistant wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper - for those who value peace and quiet

Non-woven wallpapers are the most popular product that you buy often and willingly. This is hardly surprising - non-woven fabric is not only resistant to stretching and tearing, but also provides acoustic and thermal insulation. For that reason, this type of wall mural will be perfect for offices, home office rooms and wherever concentration and silence are required. The installation of a non-woven wallpaper differs from the rest, in this case we apply adhesive (e.g. Metylan Direct for non-woven wallpapers) directly on the wall, not on the wall mural. This step is very important if you want to ensure that the wallpaper will not peel off or be damaged during installation. It's worth remembering when choosing a non-woven wallpaper.

Technical specifications:
Grammage: 130 g/m2
Structure: with delicate structure
Finish: matte
Adhesive: Metylan Direct for non-woven wallpapers
Max. width of the strip: 104 cm (in the case of a size greater than the width of the strip, the print will consist of several equal sheets)

Our wallpapers are ecological, safe for the environment, with the highest quality overprint. Extraordinary graphics will transform your interior and make not only household members, but also guests fall in love with them.

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