Home office - inspiration for a fashionable interior
Nov, 7 2022   |   Decor tips

Home office - inspiration for a fashionable interior

There are several factors to consider when designing the perfect home office. For example, choosing the right lighting or comfortable and ergonomic furniture - including, of course, a desk that will have to accommodate a laptop and all other work equipment. It is also important to ensure that there is enough space for all additional accessories. Being organized while working remotely is the key to being productive, which is why we suggest how to prepare a place to work at home.

Designing a functional and efficient office space - tips

We must ensure that the desk is well positioned at home, as it will significantly affect the quality of our work. If we have a separate room for an office, we only have to think about decorating topics. However, if we do not have a separate room, we must arrange a place for it in the common space - where the household members are. There are a few things you should keep in mind when setting up a desk at home:

  • Try to find a space away from all kinds of distractions. This can be as simple as sitting in one corner and keeping the curtains closed so you are not distracted by sunlight or the view from the window. Also remember to turn off the TV!
  • Make sure there is enough space for you to comfortably work - this will help avoid pain and injury from incorrect posture.
  • Consider placing the desk in unusual places, e.g. in special compartments in wardrobes, in the room under the stairs or in the hall - these are great ideas if you have limited space, and if properly prepared, they can create an ideal home office.
  • Portable walls - when our desk has to be placed in a common room, partition walls can become a perfect solution for us. After finishing work, they can be easily folded and put into the wardrobe.
Home office
Home office


Furniture and decorative elements for the home office

A home office is a space that should be comfortable and organized, so here are some ideas that will surely help you create the perfect working environment:

  • A comfortable chair is essential! Only use ergonomic chairs and desks that are designed for long hours of sitting. If you have an office space with a variety of tasks, you might consider using a height-adjustable desk.
  • Good lighting - The ceiling lamp may not provide the right amount of light around the desk, so consider purchasing additional lighting such as an adjustable light desk lamp.
  • Prepare extra storage space - important information, notes, calendars, pens ... you need space for everything! It is worth preparing an additional hanging shelf, a cork board or a drawer for such trinkets.
  • Add a touch of personality to your home office - the greatest advantage of a home office is the possibility of organizing it to your taste. Therefore, it is worth making sure that there are things that inspire us - books, pictures or photos - on the desk or in its surroundings. It is also worth decorating the space with a wall mural, desk pad or chair mat.
  • Don't forget the plants! They affect creativity and well-being. They perfectly clean and moisturize the air.

Home office

Scandinavian style home office

Do you like clean and minimal design? Therefore, the design of an office in the Scandinavian style will be the perfect solution for you. Let's start with the desk. In the style of Skandi, it will be characterized by functionality and a simple form. It should be in colors like white, beige or light gray with two or three drawers. For this, a solid and comfortable chair, preferably with wooden armrests and in matching colors.

After choosing office furniture, think about decorations in a Scandinavian style. By adding a few small touches, you will feel that the workplace is really like yours! A white industrial LED lamp, a small plant in a wicker pot, a gallery of pictures or photos above the screen and the place will take on the right character.

Home office in a glamorous style

A glamor-style office should be elegant and shine! A white lacquer desk with a beautiful golden base and handles will be the perfect focal point of space. Golden decorative elements should stand out against a light neutral background of the interior. Fabulous lighting will also be very important. The gilded chandelier will radiate luxury and splendor.

Home office

Boho style office

Do you love colors and exotic tropical places? Bring some of that energy into your office by designing it in a boho style. The boho space cannot lack natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo. Decorations made of eclectic fabrics and plants will also be very important! If you want your interior to stand out, check out our tropical wall murals - they will perfectly accentuate the decor in your home office.

Home office

Remote work and your home office

The first step to creating your dream home office space is to organize the space. Find the right room, corner, place where you just feel good. You should organize everything so that you enjoy your work and thus become more efficient. Browse through the designs of home office decorations, choose what will be most suitable for you, and then play with colors and textures. Design a place that will inspire you!