Furniture vinyl decals - 5 ideas for their use
Oct, 12 2022   |   Diy

Furniture vinyl decals - 5 ideas for their use

Is it possible to quickly and easily modernize old furniture? Of course! Self-adhesive furniture stickers comes in handy, and you can put it on anything from tables and chairs to shelves and cabinets. It is a great way to personalize the interior to your own taste. See some of our ideas on where to put it.

Door stickers

Do you want to refresh your door? There is nothing better than self-adhesive foil! Thanks to it, you will not only cover the damaged, old entrance, but also change the style of the entire room. You can choose a pattern imitating light or dark wood, marble or go for something bolder, such as tropical leaves, flowers or a mosaic. Such patterns will bring a bit of fresh air into your home, without the need to invest in expensive repair or replacement of the door.

DiY project - furniture stickers as wall decorations

Do you have empty walls at home? How about homemade wall decorations? DIY paintings aren't as hard to make as you think! All it takes is a little time and an idea to create a captivating accent wall in your home. With stickers, it will be even easier to do such a work. Buy a pair of frames in the same or different sizes, and then simply choose a sticker pattern that will match the color and theme of your room design. And on the wall! It's that simple, and it can significantly affect the design of the entire space.

Furniture vinyl veneers

Vinyl sticekrs for cabinets and shelves

Chests of drawers, bookcases and shelves can be easily given a new and unique look thanks to the unique stickers. The choice of patterns is huge, so it is worth using them to create unique arrangements to achieve the desired effect. See how Iwona @iwona.jar used them in her home.

furniture stickers

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Vinyl decal for the desk

More and more often we switch to remote work, and thus spend a lot of time at our desks. So why not change its appearance so that it is better to work with. Thanks to vinyl wraps, your desk will get a new life.

Furniture vinyl veneers

Self-adhesive furniture stickers for a child's room

Do you want to bring some color to the children's room? Furniture veneers come to the rescue. This is a fantastic idea for a quick and effective change of space. You can easily stick them on beds, cabinets, shelves and even toys! Suddenly, single-color accessories can be livened up a bit, thanks to unique motifs in various colors (e.g. flower stickers, leaf stickers, pop-art stickers). There is no end to ideas! So before you start thinking about buying new furniture, remember "why replace when you can upgrade".

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