How to make your wall color for 2020 - grey mint is a new trend
Sep, 25 2019   |   Decor tips

How to make your wall color for 2020 - grey mint is a new trend

The end of the year is in three months and it would be good to prepare for next year's decorating trends. Hence, the colors for 2020 have already been chosen. After a coral madness it will cool down a bit - one of the most fashionable colors of the year 2020 will be Mint Gray! Yes, this subdued, cool color will be on the top inside your interiors throughout the year. How to prepare for the new interior design trend? We have prepared some inspirations for you.

Will Mint Gray replace Scandinavian white? Everything indicates that there is a very high probability of a new queen of wall decorations. Gray, which until now has been eagerly combined with pastels (especially pastel pink), will gain some green and blue tones in the coming season. Green and blue in combination with gray will allow to create an original interior in which you can feel relaxed and calm.

The color of 2020 is meant to be associated with mornings, so the time when we wake up to life, we hope to make our dreams come true, and carefully plan everyday activities. This is the time when we are the most authentic and true, before we have our first coffee and get started. Mint Gray is a way for authenticity. It is not difficult to hide behind vivid colors or sterile white - now it's time to throw off our masks, a time for a new beginning. Because a new decade will begin with 2020.

Mint Gray is a color that will look great in any room. It allows for unlimited color combinations - in combination with bright, expressive colors it's going to add energy, and combined with cool green and navy blue colors it will calm down and allow you to relax. How to properly prepare your walls for changes? Here are some inspirations:

1. Autumn sky

Autumn Sky wallpaper

Peel&stick, removable wall mural maintained in the colors of Mint Gray - if you like the autumn misty sky, this is a proposition for you. Our Beyond the Horizon wall mural will be the perfect complement for a bedroom or a child's room decoration.

2. Silence before the Rain

Silence before rain wallpaper

Are there any fans of rainy weather? That electrifying aroma, a breeze just before the storm? This The Rain is Coming removable wall mural is precisely for you! If you choose accessories in bold colors, you will create a unique composition that is going to stay with you for a long time.

3. Nightlife of a Fern Flower

Nightlife floral wallpaper

Who said that Mint Gray must be smooth? We present the trend of 2020 in floral, mysterious style - the peel&stick Fern Flower wall mural constitutes a combination of a floral pattern and shades of gray, green, and blue. It resembles an enchanted meadow from fantasy books and certainly will become a decoration for the bedrooms of many forest fairies.

4. Nature Lesson

Nature lesson wallpaper

Remaining in plant surroundings - Mint Gray complemented with turquoise flowers is something that seems like the perfect choice for autumn - subdued, cool colors calm down and relax after a hard day. The Herbarium Page removable wallpaper constitutes proof that botanical patterns are still eagerly used in interior decoration.

5. Rose Variations

Rose variations wallpaper

The cool gray blue combined with pastel roses creates a beautiful floral composition that will liven up your interior and give it character. With our Shabby Roses peel&stick wallpaper you will create a climatic, rose meadow.

As you can see, Mint Gray is a trend that screams - stop, rest, relax. Enter the new decade consciously and prudently, and by the way, choose your own decorative motif, thanks to which you will create a unique decor. We hope that our inspirations will encourage you to experiment - there are officially three months till the beginning of the Mint Gray Season.

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