Watercolor Opuntia

Watercolor is fun! When you combine a classic cacti motif with beautiful, giant watercolor flowers the magnificent Watercolor Opuntia Design is what you get in effect! Try it in your kids room, nursery or as a living room accent wall.

Color pallette:
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Shabby Roses

Do you think shabby is bad? Just look at this Shabby Roses removable wall mural! It brings joy and fun to every kid room, romantic bedroom or classic modern living room. Get som eflowers into your home. And you don't need to water them ;)

Color pallette:
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Classic vintage home decor? Try a fantastic Marble print! It's not cold, as a stone, but equally beautiful!  Easy to put up and nicely decorating any modern space in your home or office.

Color pallette:
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Fabulous interior decorations - design your space with us!

Get inspired by the patterns

Thousands of beautiful and unique designs. Print oscillating around 10,000 m2 per month. These are statistics that we can and want to share with you. However, COLORAY is not only numbers, but a team of professionals who create wallpapers and stickers to decorate any interior. It is something more than decorative elements - it is above all inspirational solutions for private, business and public rooms. When creating the best concepts for you in terms of interior design, we use modern technologies while maintaining ecological solutions. We make sure that the print maintains a vivid color for many years, and the materials are resistant to dirt and damage. We know that quality counts for you - we want to offer it to you at its best.

It's up to you what style you want to arrange your four corners. In our COLORAY offer, you will find multi-colored and monochrome self-adhesive wall murals and decals. If you want to introduce a modern accent, you can opt for geometric patterns or a floral motif in a non-standard form. Fairytale designs will definitely prove themselves in the children's room, creating a harmonious, delicate story. Landscapes on stickers and photo wallpapers will cause that anywhere in the house there will be a decoration evoking pleasant memories of travels or will be an original visualization of dreams. Most importantly, removable wall murals and stickers will help you follow current trends and changing tastes.

Unique wallpapers and creative decals

The answer to expectations of people who are looking for effective interior decorations are themed wall murals. They will add an element of surprise and a spectacular look to each of the rooms. The space gain new life thanks to beautiful and unique floral, geometric or scandinavian patterns. Get inspired and stimulate your creativity with us! Among the rich collection of wallpapers you will find something suitable for you, according to your style and taste. Our self-adhesive wall murals are also a great alternative to long renovations, clutter and high renovation costs. We offer a good quality materials: MagicStick and traditional non-woven. Both of them are resistant to various types of damage and quick and easy to install.

An interesting decorative element in the assortment of our store are self-adhesive stickers. Among the many ways of decorating the interior, they are one of the simplest and fastest methods to give a room a distinct and original look. In our store you will find IKEA furniture decals, wall decals, tile decals and stairs decals. Forget about  boring and outdated interior style. Modern decorating, with interesting and creative stickers, will help change your space instantly for every season and occasion. By using our stickers, you can decorate the space easily with stylish, fun or colorful graphics, patterns and landscapes. Thanks to self-adhesive decals, you can completely change the decor of your entire home every few months.


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